"There is magic in her fingers and connection in her heart! Tara came to my house and connected me back with food. I’m on a restrictive diet and needed help getting certain foods in my diet and just getting excited about eating again. I felt like she listened intently to what I was after and asked lots of great questions. Then we cooked simple, delicious food together that was very satisfying and super healthy. She filled me with meal ideas and recipes and a broth that I know is healing me. The combination of her heart centered healing and her deep relationship with plants creates a gift in Tara like one I have never witnessed. Tara is truly amazing and gifted. If you are reading this, then you have found her. Don’t hesitate another second – she will really help you!"

-Roxanne Frederickson
“Tara weaves and infuses her love and creativity into the food she creates in such a magical way. She grows the food with her family and I could taste the blessings. Eating her food was such a magical experience, the presentation was so beautiful and the food so delicious. Thank you, Tara, every bite felt like an offering of love and connection to the earth” 

-Molly M.

"Tara brings amazing creativity, love, and intention to everything she cooks. I have been lucky to have been a part of workshops were she has served beautiful works of art as nourishing meals. Her process and the depth of relationship with the food she cooks and the land in which its grown is inspiring."

K. Michelle Johnson, MA

"I have never been so delighted, nourished, and inspired as I have with the magic of Tara' s food. It is aesthetically gorgeous, tastes delicious, and is a spiritual eating experience. I am honored to have experienced these deeply sacred meals."


"Tara is a truly gifted artist, visionary and alchemist. Her inspired creations evoke an ancient medicine that is felt deep within the bones. Whether it’s one of her paintings or a feast that she has lovingly prepared, Tara invites us to remember who we are in a most beautiful way."

-Lisa Reese

"Tara's magical abilities open up a whole new dimension of eating, nutrition, and plant relationships.  When you eat her food, you feel like you are eating a gorgeous mini universe of love that blows your mind and your mouth! It's like giving your spirit and body a sacred food bath.  "Food" feels like an understatement, but when you eat it, it's a truly awakening, heart-fulfilling, earth-connecting, energizing, soulful, and sensual experience.  You can't help but wonder how she does it, how something so amazing can be possible, and how the world would be entirely different if people ate and respected their food like this all the time."

-Ali Arams, Executive Director of Usugale Food for Thought