Welcome! Culinary herbalism has been my passion and guiding force in the kitchen and in life for more than 20 years. I have spent much of my life learning about and appreciating all aspects of food from growing and running a farm, to forming deep relationships to the plant world, preparing herbal remedies, and foraging medicinal, edible plants.

Food is fundamental to our human community, weaving together what our ancestors knew was beyond survival; it is essential to our emotional, physical and spiritual health. Food is an integral part of our reciprocal relationship with the land, with people, and with the many beings that inhabit our planet. 

The Medicine Circle is a passion project that I started a decade ago to share in the magic and beauty of the natural world with the wider community.  

Why The Medicine Circle?

From a young age I was fascinated with circles. Through painting as meditative practice, I saw the circle as a way to transmute grief and create healing. All of my paintings since 2001 have been made of hundreds and thousands of circles.

 As I became a student of the "Circle" and its implications throughout time, I learned the place I am named for, "Tara, Ireland", Teamhir na Rí, is a place containing above- and underground circular structures, leading to a deeper appreciation of my given name, ancestry, plants, and practices.

Throughout time and various cultures, the circle has stood as a symbol of birth, death, ceremony and ritual. It is a universal touchstone  to macro- and microcosmos. The circle is found in all aspects of existence from seeds to embryos, moon and sun, and this orbicular planet we inhabit.