Partnership in Healing: True Self Custom Paintings

*4 commissions per year; 3 currently available 


Deciding to embark on this journey, we will begin by talking over Skype and/or on the phone, depending on what may arise as the process goes on over time. I begin with a series of shamanic journeys to determine the palette, evolving composition, and emerging themes. I work with you over several months to create a painting that is both a testament to your Essential Luminous Nature, and is also a tool to facilitate healing as you move through your life and healing process. And, of course, you will own a beautiful piece of original artwork. Every painting I create takes several months, up to nine months to create and hundreds of hours of painting. Every painting is made with channeled pure light and love. I am always completely sober and focused when I paint your healing story, and every circle is a prayer embodied in paint. 


In 2002 I discovered my artistic path through a series of dreams and life-changing circumstances. As a painter, I had always gravitated towards circles and towards expressing the parts of the whole, and when my dearest friend’s mother was diagnosed with a degenerative disease at a young age, my entire style and approach to the medium changed. As l painted her, I realized the circles were a perfect form, there to transmute, to express and to heal on many levels. Reaching into the realms of higher consciousness through a meditative and journey state, I paint the healing story that unfolds. 

 Circles are the perfect expression of all that is unfolding. They express the way forward, revealing the truth of who we are fundamentally, what nature teaches in every moment and the way to express the essential nature of all things, including sentient beings. I paint to reveal the true essence of the person I work with in a healing partnership. Part of the healing work I engage with is the process of healing with unconditional light (love), so that there is no room for anything but the truth, and then a person can reveal themselves in color, light, form. 

 These paintings are an expression of a partnership in healing that expands and unfolds over the course of a lifetime. People have shared with me that they their paintings continue to reveal more and more as the years go by, leading them to a deeper understanding of the message of the work and who they are in relation to it. These are intended to be magical pieces that are dreamed together on your behalf. 



“I participated in a partnership-in-healing with Tara to create a journey-work painting for me and it is stunning. She perfectly articulated the elements that felt most salient and her use of color and texture makes the painting come alive on the wood. We spent a lot of time talking about what felt important to incorporate and I could tell that she was both listening to me and listening to what was asking to be represented. As an artist and as a healer, Tara is profoundly gifted at this. She listens deeply, both to the person as well as to the elementals and the underlying meaning. This listening is so clearly and beautifully expressed in her painting. One of the aspects that I cherish about the art that now hangs on my wall is that the process of its inception and the journey that we all three (Tara, myself, and the painting) went through is so clear in every brush stroke and color choice. It is a daily and constant reminder of work and celebration, and I am so grateful for Tara's skill and talent at putting that celebration into her brushes.” 

-Alicia Banister, LMT & BCST, Portland, OR 



*Disclaimer for Partnership-in-Healing True Self Painting


After you purchase the True Self Painting, there are no refunds, as I will use the money to support the purchase of materials, hours I spend working on your painting, and all the journey work that is completed on your behalf. I also take only a limited amount of  painting commissions per year, and cannot make exceptions to this rule. This is an investment, and an energetic exchange; thank you.