THE SPRING COURSE BUNDLE: Edible & Medicinal Flowers of Spring Course & The Dessert Course & 2 Recipe Ebooks!

THE SPRING COURSE BUNDLE: Edible & Medicinal Flowers of Spring Course & The Dessert Course & 2 Recipe Ebooks!

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THE SPRING COURSE BUNDLE Includes more than 3 Hours of Classes & over 85 pages of Recipes and Easy-to-Follow Guides:

1. The Edible & Medicinal Flowers of Spring Course

2. The Dessert Course: Learn to Make Herbal & Foraged Treats for Every Season

3. The Spring Edible & Medicinal Flowers Comprehensive eBook over 35 pages (all free of gluten & dairy)

4. The Medicine Circle Dessert eBook - 50+ pages of Recipes across all 4 Seasons (dairy & gluten free)

From the eBook & Class: Lilac & Nettle Ice Cream Sandwiches 

In the Edible and Medicinal Flowers of Spring Course:

1. You will learn to Identify, Prepare, and Create food and medicines with the first edible and medicinal flowers of Spring. 

2. Watch the nearly 2-Hour Recorded Course at anytime! We will prepare medicinal and beautiful treats together & learn about the incredible benefits of several Spring wild flowers, which are blooming into the Summer.

3. You will receive a comprehensive and printable, Edible & Medicinal Spring Flowers eBook over 35 pages in length, containing recipes (all gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free), descriptions, and medicinal preparations of all the flowers we discuss in class. 

4. If you aren't able to find all the ingredients to join in on preparations, don't worry! There will be options for substitutions, and the comprehensive eBook will be yours to keep forever.

5. Wherever you are in the world, you can build your Spring herbal medicine cabinet and enjoy the beauty of edible flowers in your treats and meals going forward!

6. The link & eBook will be sent after ordering! 

Learn to Prepare, Create & Heal using seasonal ingredients, backyard plants, and medicinal flowers with the Dessert Course & 50+ Page eBook.

In the Dessert Course You Will Learn: 

1. How to incorporate medicinal plants & herbs into treats to add beauty, flavor & magic to every dessert.

2. How to create gluten, dairy & refined-sugar free treats that bring the color and flavors of the season to your kitchen. We will go over incorporating plants in every season, from ice cream to macarons to cakes. 

3. The story of dessert and its significance in plant medicine & healing. 

4. How to make ancient, healing remedies that taste delicious!

5. You will receive the 50+ page Dessert eBook that has recipes for every season of the year, incorporating foraged and grown ingredients that are available in nearly every corner of the world. Every recipe in the book is dairy, gluten and refined-sugar free, with many egg-free options. 

6. We will create a medicinal dessert together, and you will receive the Ingredients List, Dessert Ebook & Link to our class.  

Please contact me at with any questions! 

DISCLAIMER: The material presented in the Courses and eBooks is in no way medical advice or a substitution for medical attention. By purchasing this course, you agree that you are responsible for your own due diligence including researching, foraging, and consuming plants and herbs shared in all classes and all eBooks on this website. You must thoroughly research any new plant before trying it, including 100% positive identification.