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NETTLES:  5 Delicious Courses, Drinks, Walking Tour, and Class

May 18th, 2024 * 10:30am-1:30pm

Location: Esoterra Culinary Gardens in Boulder, Colorado

*All Gluten & Dairy-Free 

Delight in the wonder and vibrancy of Nettles through a 5-Course Tasting and Culinary Herbal Class:

 1. LEARN about Nettles in a class focused on this vibrant green, medicinal and nutrient-dense plant. From its historical use worldwide, to the way we can bring this ancient remedy it into our daily lives and meals, we will have demonstrations and a take-home gift for you! 

2. LEARN to forage, grow, harvest, and prepare nettles in a variety of ways with Tara of The Medicine Circle & Mark of Esoterra Culinary Gardens.

3. TASTE Nettles in a variety of savory and sweet bites and sparkling drinks made for you by Tara, featuring recipes inspired from her book, FORAGED & GROWN. There will be more than 5 courses featuring Nettles and other wild and cultivated plants that are part of the Spring community.

4. Take home a gift from Tara made just for you, featuring the first spring nettles!

Class size is very limited due to space and ingredient availability-please reach out if you see we are full & would like to be on the waitlist! 

*All food served will be dairy & gluten-free and plant-based*


*Due to budgeting and preparing in advance, there will not be refunds available 

Please reach out with any questions or if you are in financial need :

See you there!